You can receive money for advertising on your site. In addition, you will receive money for all referrals that are registered in our system by clicking on the link on your ad unit.

To do this, place the code of the AJoll.com ad units on your site. The ad will start automatically.

  • Installation on the site in just 1 minute.
  • Automatic display of advertising.
  • Constant revenue from ad impressions.
  • Ability to exchange banners.
  • High profit

Your sites where you want to show ads

  • You do not have any sites yet to show ads.

After adding a site, you can create ad units and post their code on your site.

You can also increase the traffic of your site using money from ad impressions. Just create an advertising campaign and get new visitors to your site.

Affiliate program

You can receive additional income from your site by placing a link to our affiliate program on it. You will receive money from all users who have registered for your affiliate link.

Affiliate program

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